Speak now. (69) ストーリー編 🎵

♫ Speak now (Taylor Swift, 2010)  から

Taylor Swiftさんの「Speak Now」です。


I am not the kind of girl
Who should be rudely bargin’ in on a white veil occasion
But you are not the kind of boy
Who should be marryin’ the wrong girl

I sneak in and see your friends
And her snotty little family, all dressed in pastel
And she is yelling at a bridesmaid
Somewhere back inside a room
Wearing a gown shaped like a pastry

This is surely not what you thought it would be
I lose myself in a daydream
Where I stand and say

“Don’t say yes, run away now
I’ll meet you when you’re out
Of the church at the back door
Don’t wait or say a single vow
You need to hear me out”
And they said, “speak now”

Fond gestures are exchanged
And the organ starts to play
A song that sounds like a death march
And I am hiding in the curtains
It seems I was uninvited by your…